Peripheral Neuropathy, Small Fiber Neuropathy

Neurologist update. I haven’t been back to him for well over a year. In two year’s time I’ve gone off of gabapentin and continued with my own supplement regime involving plenty of high quality fish oil and I discovered that medical cannabis helps me. Who’s heard of Zonisamide? It’s another epilepsy med that’s being used for PN/SFN. He gave me a prescription for it. I always look up meds I’m given. Doesn’t everyone? Turns out it’s a sulfa drug and he’d have known I was allergic to it if he’d asked me (are you allergic to sulfa?) or looked at my records because my allergies are listed. That was a bit distressing. He thinks I have small fiber involvement but didn’t order any tests. He talked about an MRI but changed his mind. He doesn’t think I need to have one. He gave me the ultimate kiss goodbye (a don’t-know-what-else-to-do-with-her) by telling me about medical cannabis and how helpful it is to some of his PN patients. Sigh. Yes, I do know about that. And that’s it. I had another appointment with my primary care who told me to throw out the Zonisamide prescription because I’m allergic and to keep using the medical mj. So I need to find another neurologist or maybe just forget it. No one seems to know what’s causing my vision problems. Ophthalmologist says my optic nerve is great and my eyes in general look great to him – go see the neurologist. Neurologist says my eyes can’t be bad if the ophthalmologist says they’re not and get some eye drops. Well, that’s it. PN sufferers, sometimes they want to put us in the trash bin of medicine. We’re not going there. I’m just not sure what to do next.

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