Peripheral Neuropathy (Post Surgical)

I thought it was time I posted something. First, I’d like to give thanks for the Protocol to my wife Connie for finding it and to Bob Diamond for creating it. I have a very long story to tell but let me just outline the last 4 months; I went to my surgeon of 27 years and 7 previous spinal surgeries with yet another ruptured disc (L2-L3). This time combined with severe stenosis (L3-L4).This was in February. Surgery was scheduled for 3/23. All of March I was sick and in tremendous pain. All I lived on was morphine (I am highly opioid resistant) and spent most of my time in bed. I lost 20 lbs (12% of my weight). Went to urgent care (twice) and my GP for illness. “here’s some codeine cough syrup and get your rest”. No one caught it even on my pre-op physical.
Checked into the hospital for surgery on 3/23 and I had delirium. My surgeon wouldn’t do surgery so the hospital took over. CT scans of my chest and brain, MRI (2), EEG, EKG and several others I don’t remember. The CT scan of my chest revealed two small lesions on my right lung. Immediately placed on the cancer ward. Told my wife that I had malignant lung cancer. Totally broken down she told me. Folks, I’m not a fan of mainstream medical, especially the oncology specialty. So, I didn’t believe it. The only symptom I had was loss of weight. Resistant to their pressure to treat my “cancer” they backed off and treated me with IV vitamins and large doses of antibiotics. Amazing!!! I got well. “I’m sorry Mr & Mrs Harder we were wrong, it was pneumonia”. It took all these doctors over a month to not figure out that I had pneumonia? Fed me good food (I mean it) and I got well. For five days this went on. I finally was moved to the Orthopedic floor.
Finally, on the 4th day I lost use of my left foot (severe foot drop). I demanded to see my surgeon. Surgery was scheduled for the next day late. Seemed like all went well (a large disc chunk was removed under my nerve root. The nerve was moved by retractor= TRAUMA to the nerve) , BUT, I awoke from anesthesia with no feeling from my waist down…to include both hands. My feet were on fire. Six more days I was there under watchful eye. Still on heavy antibiotic and vitamin drips. Those things and food had cleared my mind and I was back to my old self.
Well, not really. I kept telling every one that my feet felt like they’d been severely frost bitten and that I had no feeling from my waist down. They knew precisely what was wrong but no one was telling me. PT every day included walking and I simply could not walk. I was fitted for a brace. I walked into the hospital a normal person, I needed a walker to get out of the hospital. Checked out of the hospital on day 11.
To me, this was no big deal, I recover from everything super fast. This will be no different. WRONG.
It’s now 96 days post op, I’m better. I’ve learned to use my foot drop so I don’t fall. I’m getting used to my disability, but I am more angry than I could ever convey. I’ve slept an average of at max 2 hours a night for 95 day. The pain is so severe I’ve been driven to tears more in this time than ever in my 14 previous surgeries and that includes a total shoulder reconstruction. If any of you have had that you know of it’s notorious reputation. It just fueled my anger!! Believe me, I know pain and I’ve been toughened to it over the last 38 years. None of them could have ever prepared me for this.
last night, the 96th day…I slept for over 9 hours. Now you could say it was utter exhaustion, but it wasn’t. This is why I’m writing this piece. Thanks to my wife she found this Facebook Group and ordered everything on the Protocol. To the “T”, I’ve been almost religious about staying on track. I did add one thing, 5000mg of powdered vitamin C. I haven’t been perfect by any means. But, the last 3 days has seen a major change in my symptoms. It’s not just the protocol either. My wife bought me an Ultima Neuro electro bath system. I’d had it for a month. But, every time I used it, it sent my pain through the roof. After maybe 10 uses I stopped.
What changed? My surgeon referred me to a neurologist. TONS of tests again. Gosh, these people love to spend the insurance company’s money…don’t they. Last week we met for the results, they have no clue why I have severe peripheral neuropathy. BUT, she declared “There’s no indication from the EMG, Conduction and blood tests that it’s a reversible condition”. I just about got up and punched her. We’d already researched and printed some 20 articles and studies on Post Surgical Neuropathy. We already knew there were solutions. She said blatantly that she didn’t feel it was from my surgery…Um, excuse me? At first they were sure I was diabetic. When that didn’t pan out…well. More tests, MRI’s and now a Hematologist (I have proteins in my blood). Needless to say, I’m likely finding a new Neurologist. She upped my minimal dose of Lyrica. Just so you know I have tremendous vitals. Super low blood pressure (110/60, I stay fit), low cholesterol and any other measured vital. At 59 I have the vitals of myself as a young man. My blood work has always been flawless, until now…at least that’s what she says.
I was already some week and a half into the protocol. I re-doubled my efforts with the electro bath. In fact I bought the e-book of “Neuropathy Solutions”. I’ve followed the 6 steps as close as I could since meeting with my quack. I’ve also started serious micronutrient juicing. It will be twice a day along with two specific superfoods as well.
3 days ago it happened. I finally started to get better. Then I slept, I mean I slept for the whole night. It’s too early to declare any victory here but the ONLY benefit I’ve had is from non-mainstream medical sources and my wife deserves every bit of the credit. I was just too angry to be effective. Minnesota is a terrible place for alternative or cutting edge medical treatment or services. It’s pathetic.
In closing let me apologize for the length of my entry. Honestly, it’s this type of entry that I was searching for. Someone who could tell a story that might give another hope. A story of success, even in it’s infancy. I now have hope. Hope I’ll play golf again. Hope I’ll have an engaging job again. Hope that I’ll workout as I used to. Hope I’ll be walking with my wife again. Hope that I can take my dogs hunting again. This has been an 18 month struggle that, I hope, will see a successful conclusion in the days ahead. I can already see it! I can taste it!
Thank you for your indulgence. I hope that even one of you might benefit from my struggles and, though it’s early, to attest to the validity of the protocol, the potential of the electro bath and the importance of micronutrients to your body’s ability to heal.
I have a long way to go but now I no longer live in total despair, I live in hope.
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