Peripheral Neuropathy, Fluoroquinolone toxicity

I’ve worked in my studio everyday except one, for a week now. Had to take a day off as I overdid in the beginning (12 hours) – learned my lesson and took more breaks and didn’t try to build Rome in a day. I was just so happy to be able to sit at my easel long enough to actually get engrossed in what I was painting, that I tried to do it all in one day. I’m also still healing from a broken hip and have back issues, but because the neuropathy in my feet was so tolerable, my ability to get some work done was so exciting that I ignored my other issues. Learned my lesson and paced myself the following days and will have a completed commission piece before the weekend is here. This is a huge accomplishment from where I was just a month ago. I still have a ways to go in my healing journey, but I’m no longer at a standstill or getting progressively worse. I am moving forward. #theprotocolworks and I am filled with gratitude. Thank you Bob!

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