Peripheral Neuropathy, Floxed

13 Dec 2015, the toxicity of Levaquin and prednisone altered my life forever tearing my left shoulder, Achilles’ tendon, effecting my thyroid, leaving me with peripheral neuropathy, extreme muscular atrophy in my entire left side as if a stroke, high blood pressure with cholesterol numbers whacked, and an amazing slow heart rate. I wanted to die and the scary part of pain was horrific beyond words. In 2016, there were a total of 15 specialists (many I fired), surgeries, and finally I came upon this protocol, because someone was looking out for me. 24 Dec 2019, I have decorated my home, had 18 dinner guests last evening, and on Christmas morning will be driving from Richmond to Roanoke to be with my son and family. I AM OUT OF THE BED! Yes, this journey has been an up hill battle ALLLL from a pedicure infection. I was too sick to research even what brand of magnesium to take because of brain fog and confusion, and even the dosage to take, but then I found #theprotocolworks and it saved me—I CHOSE THIS GROUP because the research had been done, I was desperate, and I was sick—so sick I needed to be spoon fed with a miracle! Now, this year in October, I have received a Medtronic Pacemaker because of what the Levaquin did to my heart and am taking REPATHA, but more importantly I am so good. Yes, in October for routine labs, while just talking my heart rate was 24, 26….and the pacemaker came in. Wanting to wish you and everyone in this group the Merriest Christmas and a Happiest Season of Lights. You see, I decorated….and please always go exactly line-by-line what this protocol tells you to do, NO Substitutions EXCEPTIONS because #theprotolworks….thank you Bob Diamond for doing all the research and spoon feeding me with a miracle that works!

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