Peripheral Neuropathy, DDD

Hi guys!
So a month or so ago I got the urge to paint my front window frame and door frame. After seeing how good that looked, I decided to paint my ceiling. It took a few days of me questioning myself then I thought ‘just do it’. My friend came over that 1st day and did a lot of the edge for me.
Now it’s my turn to do the ‘inside’ with a roller from the floor. Well forgetting that I have metal in my neck that restricts me from looking up fully, and my balance is real shaky you can imagine how I must’ve looked getting the roller from the floor, up to the ceiling and applying pressure as I rolled it, still trying to keep my balance and looking sideways! omg I think I made up a few new dance moves!
Fast forward to today. I still had a window frame and a bit of edging to do so what the heck let’s get it done. Well getting up the ladder was a bit of a comedy act also but bottom line is that I did it! (I’m not recommending anyone here do ladders)
What I’m trying to get across to you is, you can still do things. It took me 4 times as long as it used to take but I did it. No matter how big or small, take pride in yourself and anything you do. Keep moving that body and use those muscles and by all means keep taking the Protocol FAITHFULLY.
4 years ago, I could barely get out of bed just to get to the bathroom. I was told that I’d be in a wheelchair permanently, within a year. That was NOT an option for me. I found this group, studied it for a few months and started the Protocol just over 3 years ago. Not bad huh? From wheelchair bound to climbing a ladder all thanks to persistence and of course the Protocol. I still have the insult in my lower spine but the Protocol took away my shooting pains so I could focus on walking again.
Just an update on my journey and I apologize for being long winded but enjoy telling the WHOLE story. I’ve added a pic. Ignore the mess as I wasn’t able to move everything out of the room so just moved it around. Oh and that package of toilet paper on top of my china hutch is to prevent my cat from climbing into the duct work as I paint the vent.
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