Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiological

In May I started getting small signs of PN and then it progressed quickly in June and a July…feet, legs, hands, arms, torso, even some in my mouth and on my face.
I’m working on some things like better control of blood sugar, more water, increased movement…
I started working up slowly on the elements of the protocol because I had most of the ingredients and I’m very sensitive to supplements (I have mast cell issues). That started Aug. 11 and I’ve been on full protocol for only a week.
My symptoms have already changed: no hand symptoms, nothing on my left leg or foot, no more stabbing or pin prick pain, signicantly less burning in feet. I have some numbness in right leg and right pinkie toe (?) and my upper arms burn and the bottoms of feet do mildly. I’m 75% improved over a situation that was spreading all over me FAST. The newest thing is that I’m cold…like shivering cold.
My sleep is incredible already, my blood pressure which was uncontrollable even on 3 meds is stabilizing, my lipids are way down, my A1C dropped (I had new labs one week into just starting the work up because I was seeing multiple doctors and they got repeated). For a week my BP is around 115/65 so I sent an email to my endo asking if I can back off my one BP med I’m still on.
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