Peripheral Neuropathy, Cardiological

There is no “cure” for neuropathy because it is not a disease. You don’t need to find a cure , you need to address and neutralize the offending condition. Got diabetes? Control your blood sugar and you will heal. Got a B12 deficiency?  Address it and you will heal. Taking medicine that causes neuropathy? Well….You get the picture. Nerves heal, the body heals. It’s science. Tim , effort, sacrifice and consistency and you will heal if you’re not past the point of no return. You must be proactive and diligent and address the issues. I have lovely test results of damage and healing. This protocol works so well it even brought back full feeling to my big toes that I haven’t felt from about 2012 – 2018. I have never felt better. I have zero issues with my nerves. It’s been three plus years and still on the protocol and I can safely say without exaggerating that I am healed. With nerve conduction tests that show I have more feeling now than I ever had from the time I took any other test. #theprotocolworks

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