Peripheral Neuropathy, B6 toxicity

Just a little update on my progress: this is my 44th day on the Protocol and since that time, I have put aside 600mgs. of Lyrica daily, stopped taking Atorvastatin and Lisinopril. Thanks to this Group, I stopped taking Metnax and Nervestra, which supposed to be for neuropathy but found out they both had a toxic level of B6. Same story with the multivitamins I’ve been taking for years, a toxic dose of B6 in it. Well, they hit the garbage can. I’ve changed my diet by cutting off all grains, gluten, cut way back on sugars. The change in eating has helped me to loss about 25 lbs. I can truly say that I’m feeling better overall but have a way to go yet. I like to say without a doubt, THIS Protocol does work!!

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