Peripheral Neuropathy, Autonomic Neuropathy

Hey all, just checking in to say Hi!
Setting up the house for Christmas and I had a flashback to this time, five years ago.
I already started the Protocol, but my neuropathy had gotten so bad, it affected my whole body, including the Autonomic nerves. I would sweat, I wouldn’t have any perspiration to show for it. I would stand up; my heart would race. I couldn’t feel my scalp, balance was a mess and the whole body was numb. (Whole body, if you catch my drift.)
I don’t know what I would have done if I never found Bob Diamond and this group and the lifelong friends I have made here. I was improving, but it was through faith that I persevered because as I’ve always stated, it had to get worse before it started to improve.
This group, the protocol, not only gave me my life back but I’ve never been healthier, and it’s been over three years since I’ve had any inkling of a neuropathy symptom. I’ve lost weight, my heart bounced back. My nerves healed (with proof via two tests by my neurologist) and the reason for this post…..I’m sweating profusely as I run about the house setting up for Christmas.
Hang in there folks. Be patient. Be consistent. Have faith and know that the time will come for you too.
Happy Holidays all….
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