Peripheral Neuropathy, Adrenal insufficiency, EBV, Lyme Disease

Hey guys, I wanted to check in and share something really amazing that happened to me. As many of you veterans know, I’ve been in the group a long time, and had great success on the protocol. A thumbnail back story, I’ve had PN for about 15 years, really bad the last 8. After being on the gabapentin train for 8 years, I found the protocol, and was able to get off of 14 different medications. Right after starting the protocol, I educated myself on cholesterol, and quit taking my horse pill of statin drugs. At that point, my numbness was up to my knees. When I quit the statin, I regained feeling in my legs, and numbness was confined to my feet. The last two years, I have been bed bound, due to what felt like my body shutting down. I was on a number of FB boards for natural healing, always searching for why. I finally saw a Functional doctor up in L.A. and had 22 vials of blood drawn. The results were shocking — Adrenal insufficiency, EBV, Lyme Disease, zero hormones, hypo thyroid, and on and on. This is where it gets interesting. I had saline breast implants placed 20 years ago once I was done having kids, something for me to feel better about myself. After the frightening blood work results, I began to look to the breast implants, and I was shocked at what I learned. I joined a FB group with 20,000 women, and began to read their stories. Shockingly, they were just like mine — strange diseases, bed bound, etc. Eight weeks after I found that group, I had an en-block explant and capsulectomy (capsules must be removed). That was 20 days ago. When I awoke from surgery, my feet felt warm!!! That was a first, as usually they were frozen burning chunks of ice. Hmm, must have been the steroids in surgery, I though, and didn’t think much more of it. Here I am, today still with warm feet. I was so scared to stop my hemp oil prior to surgery because if I missed a dose, I would hear from my feet right away. Well, 20 days post op, and my feet are still warm, and they are NOT firing off!!! My endocrine system is coming back on line, and I feel like a new person! I am sleeping again, I am able to get out of bed and cook, clean, shop, socialize, and feel like my old self! I had a big day yesterday and went to church, cleaned the house, cleaned out a garage refrigerator I have been trying to get to for 2 years, and had people over for a visit. I would not have been able to do one of those things 20 days ago! I plan on seeing how long my feet stay this way just for curiosity sake, then hop back on the protocol and try to heal the nerves that are no longer hurting. I actually have a bit of feeling in my feet, and for the first time in 20 years, have hope of healing completely. I still have broken bones in my feet (possibly Charcot from a fall in 2012 that fractured my pelvis), but without the nerve pain, I can deal with that. You guys, I am so shocked and so excited. It turns out that any type of breast (or other) implant is made from a toxic soup that leaches into the body and slowly poisons it. When I explanted, I didn’t even consider my PN would reverse. Sorry for this long post, but it is important to get the word out about the horrible possible side effects of implants, and the thousands/millions of lives they are ruining. I love you all, and thank you for the stellar support you’ve given me on my journey. #theprotocolworks

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