Peripheral Neuropathy

Praise report, I have been off of the Protocol for about 4 days due to having my top teeth pulled, I can say #theprotocolworks,all along my feet have burned, swelled, ect. prior to my dental procedure, but the shocks had gone away, and I could put my feet on the floor in the mornings, well after being off of it wow, they were unbearable, could not even stand to walk to the bathroom, all I could do was sit and prop them up and rub creams on them, they burned so bad I could feel the heat off of them, well now I’m back on it and the swelling has gone down, the burning has calmed to where I can stand it, and I’m back to walking my dog, and doing some house chores, so if you have your doubts and been on it for a while don’t stop or give up, because those small improvements are well worth taking the Protocol, and I know I’m on the way to recovery

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