Peripheral Neuropathy

In July 2021, I was diagnosed with cancer…
Diffused Large B Cell Lymphoma.
I have completed two of six rounds of chemo treatments my next round starts the 14th of September. I have a great team of doctors at UAB. When I first went up there, I told them all about The Protocol and gave them the card that comes in each monthly supply. My treatments last for +/- 5/7 days…1st Rituximab, 2nd Methotrexate plus pumping Sodium Bicarbonate, 3rd is 4 bags of Etoposide Cyclophosphamide that takes 20+ hours each bag to pump in, 4th is Vincristine plus they have potassium, Zofran and sodium bicarbonate the whole time I’m getting all this through my port. They have to watch my blood levels to make sure the Methotrexate is getting out of my system. The great part of all if this is my doctors think The Protocol is great and allow me to take all of it the 16 to 18 days, I’m not taking my Chemo treatments. Plus, the 5 to 7 days I am on chemo they allow me to take the fish oil, hemp seed oil and biotin midday pills. I say all of this to say from what my doctors have told me; my chemo regimen is one of the very toughest there is, and I believe because of The Protocol I have not been sick from the chemo….no diarrhea or nausea…I have felt good most all days just a little run down on a few days. I know everyone does not believe as I… but I believe God knew what I would need in my future and let me happen across this page way back in 2017 to prepare me for all of this…. yes, The Protocol has done wonders for my neuropathy also. I couldn’t sleep and felt as if I had sifting sand under my feet as I tried to walk…thanks to The Protocol I can sleep every night and walk on firm ground again! Thank you, Bob, for things I’m sure that without your protocol would be a lot worse in my life! Forever on #theprotocolworks because it works on things we do not even understand or know about!
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