Peripheral Neuropathy

I have withheld writing anything more about my story until I felt I had something to say , I tend to be a perfectionist and a little bit better here and there was never enough for me to proclaim anything , and when I read the miracle stories I knew that certainly wasn’t me so I have just been continuing along and educating myself anyway I can . I have been taking the Protocol for exactly 7 months with a 2 week break for medical reasons , I have good days and not so good days and tend to forget to focus on the big picture. Today I went for my neurology follow up visit , I saw her 5 months ago in full panic mode, every strength and balance test, every sensation test every pin prick and poke showed improvement in all areas , more sensation , more feeling, more strength . In addition to taking the Protocol, I have gone from half assed gluten free to really gluten free , her advice to me was continue your Protocol and stay gluten free and come back in 6 months and we will test everything again , you may not get further healing but based on what I see today we might be surprised. Its hard for me to notice all the changes when I live with them every day but even my husband said last time your sensation stopped above your ankle today it was almost down to your toes , and there is no denying the proof. Thanks to each of you who have done anything at all to help me over the last 7 months, you know who you are ! #theprotocolworks

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