Peripheral Neuropathy

I have 3 conditions with no cure: Peripheral Neuropathy; Lymphedema; Still’s disease (autoimmune).
The diet recommendations are different for my 3 conditions.
Sarah Ballentine’s AIP Paleo.
Steven Gundry’s Plant based.
Joseph Mercola’s Keto.
So how do members with comorbidities choose nutrition programs?
The list of “yes” foods and “no” foods are different for all three.
I believe in the saying “you are what you eat”.
I am sick several days out of every month (fever, fatigue, pain and anorexia).
I have a handle on the peripheral neuropathy thanks to the Solutions Protocol.
But I’ve yet to be able to manage the lymphatic and immune system.
I am not venting, just looking for support/advice.
Thank you.
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