Peripheral Neuropathy

I don’t usually advertise this but today is my 62nd birthday. I can honestly say I feel much better this birthday than last birthday. I was very down last year; feeling like I was aging faster than my years. Always been an on-the-go multi-tasker and had just gotten where getting up every day was a struggle. It was about that time that I joined the first PN group. And it was a supportive group; then moved with Bob when he moved. Started the protocol and it took me 6 weeks before I could tell it was maybe for real. I’ve tried lots of snake oils in the past. Now most days are good. Good means pain at a 3 or less and not requiring pain meds. I don’t ever expect to be the former normal but I can LIVE not merely exist with the new normal. And that is quite a Birthday present!! Thank you Bob!

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