Peripheral Neuropathy

The most wonderful news for my family. PN runs in our family for some unknown reason. My Mom and Aunt had it. Then I got it over 15 years ago. Then about 6 years ago my brother began having it. So about 2 months ago, I sent him the items from the Protocol list because I knew he would not purchase them on his own. Too much snake oils stuff from the past. I am visiting with him last night and my sister in law told me what a difference it has made in his life. He said he still has numbness but not more shooting pains and feeling like he is walking on marbles. He has already ordered more on his own. He can do more and he certainly knows it when he misses a couple of days of the Protocol. We are a little on the bull-headed side and everything has to be proven to us. This gives us such hope. #theprotocalworks

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