Peripheral Neuropathy

I wanted to share my good news since beginning the Protocol on July 30. I was taking 2700mg daily of Gabapentin, 15mg of Meloxicam, Tizanidine and 200mg of Tegretol, plus 30mg of Oxycontin and 40mg of Percocet daily. I was feeling hopeless. Good News I am decreasing the pain meds as of today and I am off of the other meds completely. My head is clearer. I seen pain management today who did a complete turnabout from the last visit and was happy I was no longer taking Gabapentin and she began the process of decreasing the pain meds. I was fearful in undertaking the Protocol (fear of pain not the Protocol). I haven’t felt this good in over 30 years. As one member pointed out, I to believe I was being medicated to treat all the side effects. Thank you Bob and to all the supportive members of this group. I keep reading and learning everything I can. #theprotocolworks

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