Peripheral Neuropathy

YES, there is HUMOR in this healing process from PN!! Before the protocol part of my legs and feet were either horribly painful, numb, semi swollen, had electric shocks, and what felt like cold raindrops and snowflakes. I had squiggly feelings, creepy feelings all sorts of weird feelings you name it I had it! But I knew they were PN related so I dealt with it. Last night I’m half asleep enjoying sweet slumber coming over me thanks to the protocol, so I start to drift off and I feel this creepy feeling coming up my leg.
I’m thinking OK this doesn’t hurt the protocol has diminished my pain greatly so I continue to doze off but this creepy feeling doesn’t go away and I’m like what the hell?! It was the weirdest lightest feeling and I thought hey my nerves are really coming back alive!! I can feel everything!! Yahoo!
Then the feeling stops right above my knee on that place on your legs from the knee down that gets numb and feels like concrete? Well the feeling continued to squiggle right there so naturally it didn’t occur to me that there was SOMETHING ELSE in bed with me besides my PN symptoms.
At this point I throw off the sheets and there is a huge gecko lizard on my left knee!!! I am scared to death of the lizards here in Hawaii they are creepy translucent and skulk around the ceilings. Anyhoo seeing this big gecko. I freaked out and jumped out of bed as if I never had PN in my life and ran down the hall screaming!!! My dad and hubby were up late watching TV and saw me coming out of the hallway like a mad woman. My husband said honey did you know you just ran and you haven’t ran in almost 4 years?! So just saying folks #theprotocolworks
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