Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi Bob & friends, I have been on the protocol for just over two weeks now. After the first week my energy levels increased a lot. I managed to walk from a car park into our local supermarket, up and down every isle pushing a trolley with my 3 year old grandson sitting in it, went through checkout, back to car then returned the trolley to the bay! (For the past 10 months my daughter has pushed me in a wheelchair with my grandson on my lap). Over the next two days I cleaned a whole bathroom from top to bottom after my son moved out…This was another major for me due to not being able to bend as I lost all my muscle when I was very sick. I’ve been having Intragam infusions every month which helped a lot with my initial recovery but it only gets me to a certain point. I’m feeling the protocol is now taking me past that. I did suffer after doing all this then I remembered Bobs words about only giving 50% on good days, I think I gave 110%! Lesson learnt but geez it was awesome at the time!! I’m also pretty sure I have some awakening going on but I look at that pain in a different light now but it still can be brutal. My Nutritionist/educator noticed a difference in me as soon as I walked in at my appointment last week, she said she could see life coming back into me so I whipped out the protocol list, told her what I’ve been doing. She loved it and quickly took down the web address to pass on to her neuropathy patients in the hospitals she’s working at. Next step is to detox off Gabapentin!! Thanks Bob for providing some light at the end of a very dark tunnel! #theprotocolworks

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