Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi everyone.
I started the Protocol on Dec 2.
On Dec 11, I tried putting lotion on my feet after my shower that morning. I was elated that it did not increase the burning at all! First time in 4 yrs I have been able to do that!
Well today is the 3rd day I started cutting back on the 3200 mg of Gabapentin I take everyday, so I’ve only been taking half of the first 800 mg pill in the morning, and I can honestly say that I have had no increase in pain.
I was so afraid to start cutting back on my meds as I have heard many of you say, but that it was easier than you thought it would be. Knowing it is actually working against all the good things the “Protocol” is doing, I had to try. Plus I desperately need my mind back.
I plan on cutting the 3rd dose in half today and see how it goes. I want off all this poison so bad! So many of you have been so encouraging about taking this step and also with your own stories. I am so thankful to Bob Diamond and this group with all of you wonderful encouragers and supporters.
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