Peripheral Neuropathy

I never post anything ever on here! I just want to say a BIG thank-you!!! I have been to 10 different neurologists! And every other Dr. I could think of! One did suggest supplements, which cost a small fortune. It was like 50 pills a day! He also pushed pharmaceuticals…didn’t help! The invisible pain was making me crazy and ‘me’ no fun! (I have 5 grandkids) Shooting pain, horrible night time leg cramps, that means no sleep! No feeling in feet! (except during a pedi) which was painful! I could barely walk, my balance was horrible! Now, after¬† 5-6 months on protocol .. I sleep all night, the shocks are gone. I only get leg and feet cramps once in a while! I think I can kind of feel my feet. I also can wear shoes! I’ve been dealing with this for @10 years. I’m only 64 and I have stuff I want and can do again! I started walking 3-4 miles everyday, 1 hour every day! So …to make my short story even longer.

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