Peripheral Neuropathy

I celebrated reduced pain in month two by regressing to bad habits and consuming a diet that doesn’t support low sugar etc on too many occasions. So I am a bit annoyed with myself as I don’t want to regress. So I am back on it. Not making excuses, but being in a lockdown in the U.K. hasn’t helped – too much temptation to pop to the shop for some time out of the house….
Although I have been relaxed with diet choices the pain hasn’t really flared up, like it would have previously – the pain was fairly significant and constant – so I guess this is great news! I just need to give my head a wobble and get back to being disciplined.
I am looking forward to being able to put my shorts on and say goodbye to the winter weather in the U.K. soon without the pain I have had in my feet over the last three years.
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