Peripheral Neuropathy

Next month is my 1 year anniversary of taking the Protocol supplements and changing my diet and lifestyle, I will be on vacation doing a lot of walking because #theprotocolworks if I were to judge on my feet only I would say that in a years time along with a lot of changes and reading and learning they are perhaps 85% better, couple of toes tingle and they still have very cold times but there is no pain and shoes are not an issue nor is walking. What I do still deal with is shin discomfort and cold sensations up the legs, not pain, just annoying. I feel that I have been slow to heal, not for lack of trying just because so many things contributed to my neuropathy, are those of you who are success stories like me still dealing with some type of annoyance every day? not pain, not disability just knowing you have neuropathy … it makes a difference to have that information, in my opinion because it gives you more confidence that you are on the right road and that others are waiting for even more healing too. Thanks to Bob and the mods who have become dear friends over the last year, hoping for more success in the next year!!!

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