Peripheral Neuropathy

Hi all. I hesitate writing this. I suppose months of excruciating pain and doctors who shrug their shoulders or push poison have left me cynical.
That said, today I noticed something. I can happily report that as far as burning and electric shock pain I barely had any all day long. I mean like almost none. And I’m writing this at night so you know what that means. It’s still good. I’m in shock. The swelling feeling has remained but it too is reduced.
I’ve had good PN days and bad PN days before so we shall see but this was my best good day. Just over a month of taking the full protocol correctly (emphasis on full and correctly) and today I had a sign of improvement. I’m both thrilled and confused. Thrilled for obvious reasons and confused because frankly I still don’t believe it. I’m new. I suppose that’s understandable.
Tonight I am grateful. I’m grateful for this day and I’m grateful for #theprotocolworks
I hope I have more good news to report in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.
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