Peripheral Neuropathy

I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy on 5/29/2014 by (neurologist) after he had performed several diagnostic tests on me. He had prescribed Gabapentin 300 MG 1 tablet 3x a day plus 50 MG Tramadol 3x a day for pain. After taking this dosage I was having uncontrollable bowel movements and nausea while taking this and he decided that I was allergic to this medication and prescribed me Lyrica. While taking 300 MG a day of Lyrica I had put on 30lbs of weight and had experienced these side effects. The cost of the medication was $500.00 a month also. Lyrica did not help alleviate the pain and caused more insomnia with other side effects. I then decided to administer aspirin to myself and search for some other treatment. THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET CURE FOR PN! There are no safe treatments. I did not want any Opiates. I did what I could do to get through each painful day.
Upon seeing Dr I. on 5/15/2015, He had requested I have blood work done. He then prescribed 60 Mg of Cymbalta to be taken daily and my blood pressure medications. Metoprolol 100MG 2x a day and Amlodipine 10 Mg a day. The Cymbalta is causing severe insomnia, nausea, and vomiting. I feel this is as disabling as you can only go so long without sleep to function. I am still only sleeping 2 – 3 hours a night. I am exhausted and do not know what to do as the pain is increasing and it is more difficult to get around due to the pain and side effects of the Cymbalta. I am sorry, as these treatments are not working for me. I can no longer take the Cymbalta and the other medications, as I need to get some sleep and try to get some quality of life back. Back to Lyrica.
I found this Face Book Group 2 months ago and decided to join as they seem like a proactive group that rather than just complain about their pain, they actually were doing something about it. It took some reading and understanding to get the big picture. I was also taking 200 MG of Lyrica then and wanted to stop. I purchased the protocol and began taking the pills and liquids as instructed. After 2 weeks I began tapering off the Lyrica as Bob has instructed. I started feeling better. I felt I needed to take it a step further as I needed to know what may have caused my PN. Bob and his staff are an excellent source of knowledge on PN and other illnesses. They have given me more insight than any Neurologist and Dr has. I watched and participated in all the online group discussions and the individual ones. I read most of the documents concerning the root cause of PN and using Lyrica as a treatment. After commentary in Group about glucose levels and the how they caused damage to the nerves it made sense to me. I decided to start a Keto Low Carb Diet ASAP. After 1 week on the diet my glucose has gone from 140 to 103. My Ketones are at 40 and I am in Ketosis burning my fat for energy. I will continue this diet through the induction phase using The Atkins Diet Tools. My goal is to get my daily glucose down to the 80’s and my weight down 125 lbs. I will update this posting as I make more progress.
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