Peripheral Neuropathy

Several weeks ago I posted my first post on this site. In that post I admitted that I confided in my wife the fact that I was at the end of my rope. I told her I was contemplating taking my own life. The pain was unrelenting and very intense. I had lost the quality of my life. And, then…..
I, quite by accident, ran into #theprotocolworks 5 minutes after that exchange with Carol. Having absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain I ordered the entire protocol. Today is my 49th day on the protocol (7 weeks). I followed the plan to the letter as Bob wrote it, and I never missed a day. And then….
Today, 80% of my numbness is gone. I have some numbness in my feet and my hands, but the numbness to my knees and to my elbows is gone. I have reduced my pain meds considerably and see a day in the near future with no need for pain pills. I have had several wonderful days and some not so wonderful. I am suffering from the detoxing my body is going through. Sleep still eludes me for the most part, but I have had some 3 and 4 hour sleeps in my own bed for the first time in 4 years. Yippee for this. My wife says my eyes have cleared up, my attitude has improved and, she says, my general positive attitude is showing itself. And now….
I feel great today. Not free of pain. I feel great because I am much better than I was all those weeks ago. I know I have a plan (#theprotocolworks) that will take me to where I want to go. I made a commitment to myself 7 weeks ago and am enjoying the result. My commitment is to keep going as I have over all these weeks. I will do the protocol as Bob wrote the thing and I will never miss so much as 1 day. And now….
I can and will support you all in any way possible….CHERITA, PLEASE KEEP THE FAITH. Move heaven and earth to get on the protocol. I, too, wanted to give up. I have my life back. Please keep yours. And to all of you who have supported and continue to support me and support others in their journey….you are very special people. SPECIAL PEOPLE!!!!!
“With every adversity there is an equivalent or greater benefit”. I have carried that quote for many years and recite it often to myself and my friends. So here it is for all of you….
Onward and Upward
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