Peripheral Neuropathy

Good evening my Solutions group family, I hope you all had a good week. This is a very special post for me, after completing nine weeks on the protocol today, Aug 14th was my most productive and healthiest day I’ve had in 15yrs. I hope you understand my excitement in wanting to share my progress. Going back nine weeks, I couldn’t walk more than five minutes without excruciating pain on my hips with shooting pain going down to my ankles. My feet burned every night to the point I couldn’t sleep and all of my joints were in constant pain. On the average my pain/discomfort level was 10+ and as we all know that’s not a way to live. Here we are nine weeks down the road and these are my accomplishment today: walking stairs 8 time up and down a floor, my phone counted 10.000 steps = 5.7 miles, I
reorganized the warehouse sitting and lifting to move over 400 boxes. I went food shopping and still have plenty of energy to continue. Not bad for just 9 weeks!! The best bonus has been that I’ve lost 25lbs.
Just when I thought my life was over,
I GOT MY LIFE BACK!! I have followed the protocol to the letter. #theprotocolworks
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