Peripheral Neuropathy

#theprotocolworks .. story looks as a many of members or similar … started on may 28 2015. I felt numbness in right foot … then misdiagnosis one after one sciatic, myelitis, malformation etc … after six months ended up in wheel chair … one surgery in Tuzla Bosnia another in Belgrade … hospital, spa, surgery, Belgrade, Pronison, Lyrica, Neurontin with a little progress could walk with clutches … up and down … plus bipolar disorder … a couple weeks before discovered Bob’s protocol I said to myself … there is nothing I can lose except unbearable pain right now in both legs … detoxication took one month and I started at the end of April 2018 … first sings showed a couple weeks later and i got up … pain was reduced slowly at least 30% … and finally the things has been moving in the right direction … once again my last diagnosis are paresis both legs + bipolar disorder (since 1996 … firstly PSTD … ) told a docs about the protocol they agreed about pharmacy mafia in classical medicine … life goes on and never give up said Winston Churchill.

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