Peripheral Neuropathy

I have to share my progress with all of you, wanted or not. lol I started the protocol, except for less oils, about 2-3 months ago. I wish I had jotted down the date but failed to do that. Gabapentin had been the only thing that helped the burning pain in my feet until the protocol. I have since weaned myself off the Gabapentin and if I am cognizant, I will NEVER put another Neurontin in my system again. I was at the stage of being sure I had the start of Alzheimer’s My mind was so muddled that I no longer felt safe to drive. I could not remember anything – what I was supposed to do or when, could not carry on conversations without many, many lapses in memory It had become so bad that I stayed depressed all the time, I no longer have anything but normal 74 y//o mind functioning, I am thankful for Bob’s protocol and all the help he is so gracious to share with us. I feel like I have my life back and I would tell anyone to get on the protocol, and then wean yourself off Gabapentin as quickly as you can. Neurontins are wicked wicked drugs

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