Stage 3 Kidney disease

I have been on the Protocol for about 10 months and it has worked miracles. I was stage 3 kidney disease my creatinine was 1.3. Now it is .9 so no more kidney disease. I have diabetes but my a1c is 5.7. I got off anti depressants and gabapentin. Now I am lowering my hydrocodone but this is my biggest battle. All the spinal pain keeps me from hardly walking and my feet and legs ache, I forgot how bad it can get. I saw a cardiologist because I’m in constant afib. He said I am in heart failure. Wants to shock my heart again and if that doesn’t work a 2nd ablation. Now I know too much what will they give me for infection prevention? What is in the I.V.? OMG I am a tough 68 year old and I will get through I’ve raised my granddaughter and I will see her graduate. Thanks for listening to all my stuff. I started Acupuncture and it helps plus the other tons of pain creams, CBD cream etc. But best of all I’m sticking to the Protocol!

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