Idiopathic Small Fiber PN

I have Idiopathic Small Fiber PN. Only have numbness and tingling, no pain. Neurologist gave me no hope since there are no treatments to fix numbness. Numbness was just below the knees in both legs. I found this group while researching neuropathy and quickly became a believer. I started taking the full protocol in Sept 2016 and within 2 months the numbness decreased from just below the knees to just above the ankles. I haven’t made any new progress but it’s still a win win for me since it hasn’t gotten any worse. I feel the protocol has given me hope and has stopped the progression of the neuropathy and I’m good with that as my new normal. There are other benefits I have learned from other members in this group that have helped me focus on eating healthier and better managing my other health conditions – high BP, lymphedema, PMR, and attitude. Now if you could just do something for old and ugly! BTW – #theprotocolworks

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