Idiopathic small fiber neuropathy

I have had “Idiopathic” small fiber neuropathy since January of 2014. It has roamed my entire body and wrecked much of my life over the past 3 years. My worst damage/pain has been in my face, and I have had some amazing pain-free days after starting the protocol on 2/26/17. That is just a few weeks ago! I think this protocol hits inflammation hard and it is absolutely possible to gain much of your life back in a matter of weeks to months.
I have been through SO much in the past 3 years – treatment for Lyme (our best theory so far – 2 years of antibiotics), literally over 100 doctors, no clear cut answers, a million meds, a spinal cord simulator, homeopaths, naturopaths, natural MDs, every Western and Eastern technique you can think of. I finally have hope that I can heal.  #theprotocolworks
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