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There is a post from yesterday that talks about other groups and about why people do what they do , and there is a response about Hope being one of the best things the Protocol and its group members have to give along with a quote about hope. Those posts hit a very strong note with me, some of you know my husband was in a very serious accident several years ago we have been through 18+ surgeries together strong and united, our motto has always been if its not fatal its no big deal and we always ask *can you fix it?* For the first time in so many years there seem to be things that cant be fixed, and we have both been in a bit of a funk and we realized its because someone pulled the plug on Hope , and there is nothing worse than the loss of Hope. We wont let that happen and I will simply find another avenue to restore that hope….but my point is….all of us here have a crappy unfair situation in our bodies, one that comes and goes or stays and stays but is ours forever and what the Protocol, and Bob Diamond and the rest of the group give us along with Healing is Hope …. Hope that we can always heal more, Hope that there are more and more things we can push to do, Hope that we can live happily ever after to the best degree possible , and for that I am thankful and grateful and I have Hope. There are no miracles here, but there is help and there is hope. Thank YOU!

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