Hereditary Peripheral Neuropathy

Ending my wonderful weekend resting. I had the busiest week ever. Helped my husband by rearranging, setting up and decorating his lodge for a county wide spaghetti supper with 100 people invited. On Saturday I cooked 2 pound cakes, an Italian cream cake, 3 makings of brownies, 2 banana pudding, 80 fruit cups and 4 dozen white macadamia nut cookies; along with enough spaghetti, green beans, garlic bread and salad bar to feed everyone. Today I put away all my dishes and decorations, planned my daycares menu and went grocery shopping for next week. Thanks to #theprotocolworks I was able to once again be the person I once was and enjoy entertaining. I had some tingling, numbness and yes, even a few electric shocks but I worked right through all of it and just kept going. Mind over matter, I’ve found I do so much better by keep on keeping on than dwelling on what once was. Hope everyone has had as wonderful of a weekend as I have!

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