Floxed, PN

Today is the third week on the protocol, I was going to wait till the fourth week but I’m having such good results I wanted to let Bob Diamond and everyone else know my report, so far the burning pain along the sides of my legs are easing up, sitting for more then one or two hours I have to get up and move around, then there are the feet, they have eased up but still hurt a lot but when I get up move around they aren’t so bad. I have started going off the Gralise/Gabapentin off 300mg still have 600mg to go but I still have the pain meds to go after that I will be free, my worst pain is at night but I have high hopes. Thanks everyone for reading this, I wish good health for everyone and the #theprotocolworks for me, I will be staying with it, I’m by myself on a tight budget and I cut my budget in half and the other half goes for the elements, so we can do this…I almost forgot the day after i bought the first order of the elements my car broke down but I did not let that get in my way, it still needs a $460.00 repair but i need a repair too, so i put a $80.00 part on it to get by and reordered my elements, I want to start feeling good too. I need the repair of my life and I want to start living now. Thank you Bob for everything you have shared with us and caring enough to help us. Everyone have a wonderful week coming up, and a pain free week too.

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