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Question for Bob D. and moderators. I did a search of this group and did not find any information here. I wanted to get thoughts about me getting an 8-week IV treatment of Poly MVA while I continue to take the protocol that was started 2 weeks ago. My neuropathy was caused by Levaquin the first week of October 2020 although I didn’t know this until the beginning of March. I have lost 25 lbs of muscle and I am doing PT twice per week and have started to work with a homeopath doctor who has had some experience with this toxicity. He has recommended this Poly MVA treatment, and I do belong to a few fluoroquinolone toxicity groups that this is consistent with what others have done to help with mitochondria repair and recovery.
There are several items in the Poly MVA that I am also taking on the Protocol including alpha lipoic acid. This Poly MVA will also be done in conjunction with a nutrient IV that is primarily Vitamin C. I don’t want to stop the Protocol and also strongly believe that this treatment is necessary as part of my toxicity recovery along with the PT.
Wanted to also provide an update on the Protocol that as mentioned I started officially two weeks ago, although for a few weeks prior I was taking most of the items including HSO, RALA, and ALC. I had started my elimination of 450mg of Lyrica back in February and fully stopped last weekend after getting down to 25mg per day. I have been able to get off Lyrica while the nerve pain in my back, calves, thighs and arms has been dramatically reduced and has changed to kind of a lite tingly feeling instead of pain. I am still taking Cymbalta, but I have cut it from 30mg to 20mg starting today and plan on being free of that poison within the next 2 weeks. I still have some pain in a few toes and balls of my feet, but I no longer have the crampy pain and nighttime pulsating in my hands. Prior to the Protocol, I also had several fingertips that were numb, but I have regained 95% of the feeling in the tips over the past couple of weeks. My diet is pretty good with no alcohol since last year, no added sugars and lots of fruits, veggies and high protein foods. I have reduced my carb intake but not 100% gluten free or keto, but I have become an informed packaging reader and look to make good choices. My water intake has been good with meeting or exceeding the 100 ounces per day. I do have some itching going on now specifically on my back which I believe is a good sign of some nerve healing. My nails have started to grow on most of my fingers and toes although I have a few hold outs. The hair on my legs and arms has started to fill in and get thicker. I believe these are all due to the Protocol and my body getting what it severely needed.
Sorry for the lengthy post but didn’t want to ask my question without giving an update on using the Protocol and the positives that I have experienced, even for this short period. Thank you!
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