Floxed, Peripheral Neuropathy

When I think back to a year ago, I was at a crossroads as to whether or not I’d be able to drive at this point. I’m 59 and couldn’t imagine having to think about this at my age, but it was my reality. Going into my journey with the Protocol, both my feet were almost completely numb. To the point that I stepped on a sewing needle and it went through my big toe and I didn’t feel pain – feeling barely registered. Yet, as most of you know, numb feet does not mean one doesn’t have pain in them. There was plenty of pain.
Over a year later, I recently purchased a car I dreamed of owning for 40 years (all the way back to high school). Before the Protocol, I truly thought my driving days were about over. My progress has been slow in comparison to many because I had absorption issues from gut damage I had to overcome, but progress it is. I have a great deal of feeling back in my feet thanks to the Protocol. Some days the feeling isn’t so great – they hurt – but that is all part of the journey and I embrace it. I can feel the pedals under my feet again. That pretty little mustang currently sitting in my garage makes me smile for more than one reason: 30-year-mini-van-mom paid her dues and finally has her dream car, and I am no longer contemplating hanging up my car keys because I can drive safely again. Sun is out, top is down, and #theprotocolworks!
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