Floxed, Peripheral Neuropathy

Very happy to place my subscription for the protocol today! I joined this group back in early March and I have read a ton of all your posts and watched most of Bob’s videos. Since my PN diagnosis in early December 2020 from an antibiotic given to me in October 2020, I was prescribed Lyrica and then Cymbalta by my first & previous neurologist. I have gathered all of the supplements and vitamin recommendations from all types of sources including the protocol. I have been taking 90% of the protocol since early February 2020 including the 1200mg of RALA. I am convinced that getting the entire protocol packaged and shipped will simplify what I have been doing independently and further benefit my recovery.
I started off in February taking 450mg of Lyrica daily and have tapered down to 150mg with the target to be off it completely by Easter Sunday. I will then take on the 30mg of Cymbalta which I have been taking since January 2020. I have worked with both my primary and my new neurologist on this reduction and they both support the effort. Both of them have reviewed the protocol and agreed that there is only a benefit and no negatives from taking it. I so look forward to having this brain fog lifted and to be no longer dependent on any prescriptions. I already got my doctor’s approval to stop a statin in January and I have reduced Lisinopril from 10mg to 5mg with the goal of stopping that in April.
l am very hopeful and optimistic that the protocol will allow me to keep a quality of life, knowing that I will always have PN and need the protocol.
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