Diabetic neuropathy

I am a Type 2 diabetic and in August 2013 I fell and broke my right wrist. When I was admitted my A1c was 14! I had surgery to repair the damage, had two plates and screws put in and an internal fixation. When the splint came off my hand was so swollen, I couldn’t move my fingers or wrist and I was in excruciating pain. They sent me to rehab where I had an awesome therapist. She discovered that I had no range of motion, couldn’t make a fist, couldn’t move my fingers, couldn’t hold anything. The rehab helped some but as time went on I was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), had an EMG and the neurologist diagnosed me with Peripheral polyneuropathy, median and ulnar neuropathy and a pinched nerve causing carpal tunnel. My therapist had me stop rehab as I wasn’t improving, so I did the exercises at home with still no improvement. The uncontrolled diabetes and my wrist injury caused my neuropathy. I was prescribed Gabapentin 300 mg twice a day and it was increased several times to where I was taking 300 mg three times a day. The doctor wanted to increase it to 300 mg four times a day, but I chose not to increase it as it was making me groggy, gave me brain fog, caused me to be off balance and caused me to fall a few more times.
After doing an extensive research looking for relief for my intolerable pain, numbness and tingling I joined The Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy Pain & Discomfort Group on April 3, 2016. I read all the information in the group, and asked questions. In June I started the Protocol and slowly weaned off of Gabapentin, and within a couple of weeks I noticed a difference. My numbness, tingling and pain were less. I now have more movement in my right hand and very little pain, numbness and tingling. I now have a new normal that I can live with. I don’t miss the Gabapentin at all and I no longer have brain fog, feel off balanced, or groggy. Gabapentin only masked my symptoms, it never really helped my pain. This group has been a Blessing and the members are awesome, knowledgeable and kind, and the supplements on the Protocol are safe and has been a miracle for me. Without this group and the Protocol my nerves wouldn’t be healing. I’m looking forward to regaining more improvement in my hand. #theprotocolworks
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