Degenerative Disc Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy

I wanted to share my story! Seems like a lot of people are hesitant to start the Protocol for some reason!? I haven’t been on this site for a while now! Looks like it has grown! That’s good! More people to heal! I have chronic painful neuropathy in my fingers, arms, feet, legs from several car accident years ago! I have bulging/herniated discs in my neck & my lower back! M.R.I shows nerve damage & all the Neurologist tests I’ve taken came back with severe neuropathy, lucky me! If you don’t start taking action now believe me this disease spreads! Throbbing, burning pain just like that Lyrica commercial! That medicine made me feel like I was God for bid having a stroke! I would look at an Apple & say to myself I know what that is!? What is it? Yeah stopped taking that real quick! I was taking the Protocol religiously for a bout 3 to 4 weeks. One day I was laying in bed with my daughter & it hit me. Wow My burning sensations in my feet lowered by about 50%! It was like someone turned down the volume of my pain! It was beautiful! I was happy, I started to have hope again! Life without hope is very scary! I was able to live life again! Not as active as I used to be ,baby steps! I know & understand how this disease takes away from you mentally & physically! I couldn’t work, I applied for Disability & after 2 & 1/2 years I was approved! Don’t give up ! If you are trying ! I was feeling better , so I stopped taking the Protocol almost a year later Big mistake! All my symptoms came back with a vengeance! I’ve learned it’s going to take time to heal! I have had this terrible disease for 10 years ! Why I thought I could just heal myself in a years time ? I don’t know! ? Wishful thinking maybe? These supplements are helping our bodies heal, we need to add these nutrients to feel better! Makes sense to me! Good luck everyone! My Mom always says to me, take one day at a time!

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