Degenerative Disc Disease, Peripheral Neuropathy

Testimony Tuesday is almost here and I haven’t been in a while, so I happily repeat reports of never before seen improvement of my chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy symptoms.
I’m going on six years since diagnosed and I honestly think the medical industry should have offered me Bob’s protocol instead of opioids, gabapentin and all their other infamous offspring.
By now I’ve been through so much and have developed so many other conditions that the protocol is not a life saver but well worth the price, particularly if you consider that pain is almost totally gone during most days. I’m shocked about the results so far folks, they are dramatic.
So taking all this into consideration I’d strongly advise any newcomer to stick to Bob’s instructions and go through the motions, even if they upset your stomach, give little red blemishes or any other similarly simple side effect. In my case all these were nothing compared to so many other things I have had to, and still deal with, it’s your decision; but I’m glad to have decided on the new way vs the old one.
The trick for me was trusting what I already knew in my mind, felt in my gut and read on my screen. Please know that nobody makes a buck from anyone here besides whom ever you decide to get your safe supplements from.
Now Mr Diamond, I would need for you to kindly put that same effort, selflessness and precision into a couple more protocols for the people, cause I need a lot more work done just to drive and survive.
I really need one for tinnitus, dizziness, general weakness, daily headache, grey hair, bad mood, short temper and my general attitude in this latitude. I mean, why not man, all those are as incurable as my results from the chemicals that saved my life, right?
Think about that dude, I forget how many professionals I’ve wasted time, money and effort on, just to be told to go home and die, “but you have to pay in full first”.
Seriously, start a new group for those nasty things, cure them all too and before you’d know it, you’ll have a statue honoring you somewhere-hey- or a studio named after you. Picture this: and now live from studio Bob Diamond on Miami’s miracle mile it’s Sabado Gigantic! Here he is now: Don amigo..!Cue dude-cue!
Thanks man, in all seriousness #theprotocolworks and you know it.
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