DDD, Sciatica, PN

October 4, 2016 I’ve been on the Protocol for 5 months. My start date was June 4th. So on November 4th I’ll be starting my 6 month being on the protocol.
I DO NOT skip any days since starting this new way of life. I take all of these supplements faithfully as they have proven to be the ONLY things that have made my life better. I have no complaints whatsoever in this ritual of daily supplements. Along with proper better healthy eating daily. I simply know this is why I’ve had great success and results in healing my ailments and neuropathy symptoms.
Yesterday I helped my daughter and her husband move for a solid 10 hours into their new first home. I would not have been able to help them had I not been taking the Protocol. My feet Do Not hurt and my back has held up despite this move. I am and will always be on this Protocol of healthy supplements !!!! It’s the only way in the last ten years that I’ve been able to start to enjoy living and my new life to its fullest. There is no turning back or away from this New Normal !!!! I am a fool no more to those bad RX Drugs that had ruined my life before finding Bobs great Group of Supporting Admins and fellow group members. Thanks to all that you All have Given me these last 5 months.
NO Pain-New Life To Gain.
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