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Let me tell you about my pain management doctor. Today, thought I would be reprimanded because of too many cancelled appointments, but I am complicated and ran into my foot surgeon quite by accident first (practically jumped him to show off the fact I’m wearing sexy boots after two years), and then appt, saw Dr M. spent over two hours with me. After the prodding from head to toe, pushing, laser temperature, checking each and every Protocol supplement, deleting the Lipitor, deleting the five BP meds, finally deleting the Topiramate, he says to me, “Mrs Powers, I am totally convinced you do not have what I originally diagnosed you with CRPS Type I with Atrophy. I diagnosed you with CRPS based on the trauma from the rotator cuff surgery, the pain was worse than the original trauma (injury), the extreme degree of pain, the 3 EMG conductivity tests and your laser body temperature but based on the fact that you are going month after month not requiring Hydrocodone from me, or Gabapentin, high doses of Lyrica, you cannot possibly have CRPS!” Yes, I do believe you do have Fluoroquinolone Toxicity based entirely from the Levaquin antibiotic you did take for that pedicure infection. I would like to do a case study on you. I would like for you to see an internist. WEE DOGGIES! Ooo, the only drugs I am on, those not approved by the FDA #theprotocolworks! This doctor loves this stuff! !!!!!

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