Chemo-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

The healing powers of the Protocol is continually manifesting itself! Thirteen years ago tomorrow, I had a radical double mastectomy removing all breast tissue and skin from under arm to under arm. In the midst of the following aggressive chemo treatment, I soon was diagnosed with neuropathy. Four months ago I started the full Protocol and have experienced amazing changes in the relief from many neuropathy symptoms. Most days I enjoy restful nights with 8+ hours of sleep and a 2-3 miles walk without pain. I can feel my feet now…so weird to walk and feel my feet, feel the shoes on my feet and feel the tile under them in the shower. Everyday I chuckle by a sensation of feeling something I have not felt in years and am grateful for not feeling the pain I used to. Only a small portion of my feet remain numb and as a result my balance has improved immensely, which is allowing me to do things requiring balance which has been a struggle, if even possible, for years. I even ran today for a bit on my walk and had no fear of falling or of being in pain afterwards. This did not come without some intense awakenings and there may be more to come but the price is definitely worth it. Here’s an awakenings and healing story that shows how the Protocol heals damaged nerves throughout our bodies. I have been numb from armpit to armpit since the mastectomy. A month or so ago, I started having considerable pain and bee sting like bites in the breast area (I had reconstructive surgery, so have implants). I wondered if the pain was caused by an implant failing. Then one night I felt my pajamas on my skin that had been stretched to cover the area. It was a very weird feeling and a bit uncomfortable then it occurred to me that the Protocol was healing my radical double mastectomy surgical area which had been numb for 13 years. The healing is not completely finished yet, but I have feeling in around two-thirds of the area as a result of the full Protocol. It’s important to understand the importance of the FULL Protocol because I have been free of prescription medications since chemo, searching for natural solutions and although I was using some of the supplements on the Protocol, I had not become aware of the FULL Protocol and the difference is incredible! It has been life changing for me! A heartfelt thanks to those who have carried the message of the healing power of the Protocol so I too could experience it! #theprotocolworks

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