Chemo-induced Neuropathy

Howdy from the third world.
It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my friends here and given all newbies hope.
I started Bob’s Protocol probably 5 months ago but I can’t recall. Any who, my PN is-was induced by chemotherapy and I was bedridden BUT, I sent for enough Dr D’s to get me through 2016, hemp seed oil and all the goodies in Bob’s bag and I’ve been walking upright ever since.
I’m not pain free nor happy but I can walk and that is coming in very handy now that I’m not called that crazy prepper guy.
I’m on Puerto Rico where reality has been catching up with folks for a while now and suddenly in the worst black out in thirty years.
Please stop and think what would have happened if I wasn’t a crazy prepper and just king for a day like most people.
We are disabled and we might as well face it.
Please gather as much cash, canned goods, gravity fed ceramic water filters, coffee and all essentials as an emergency is just a matter of time no matter how developed your surroundings are. Think solar flares, storms, riots, the list is endless folks and you don’t need to be rich to be ready for a SHTF scenario, just prioritize essentials over instant gratification.
Please don’t forget enough of Bob’s Protocol components too, or having emergency supplies would not do any good.
If you still need more proof of how Bob’s Protocol works miracles please read my history of sad, excited and crazy posts and rants.
I wanna give a special shout out to the ones that took me under their roomy wings. Lots o’ luv you all, gotta go gas up my gennies, oh and guess what: #theprotocolworks
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