Chemo-induced Neuropathy

As the wife of a 75 year old that got Neuropathy from Chemotherapy for Metastasized Prostate Cancer. I started my husband on The Protocol about 3 years ago He will tell you that he was bedridden. We now walk about a mile in our neighborhood every day. He has his life back. He has taken additional things from a Naturopath plus I have given him specific things for his cancer that are homeopathic, also much prayer. All this to get to the fabulous news that his recent bone scan is clear!!!!!! His previous one 4 1/2 years ago was bad, cancer in at least 3 places in his bones plus lung. I was told by a Dr. that there was no way to heal his bones. I believe with all my heart that the Protocol sets your body up to be able to start healing itself.!!! I believe this so much that at 65 I have started taking it myself just to see what it can do for my health. Thank you!

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