Cardiological, Peripheral Neuropathy

Had to go for 6 month check up blood lab results today. All I can say is woohoo! The doctor wanted to know what I was eating or if I was eating anything. I had my last blood work done on June 6, 2017….glucose was 134 with a1c of 6.3….. triglycerides was 314. I began full Protocol on June 19, 2017, blood work done on December 22, 2017 (yes during the holidays) and my doctor could not believe….glucose 118 and triglycerides 191….. all this with no big Pharm drugs only the Protocol! Doctor was so impressed, wanted to know what had made this much difference in such short time. #theprotocolworks ! Plus my feet can do the happy dance again and again and again without pain! Bring on the New Year….no where to go but up! Thank you Bob Diamond!

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