Cardiological, Peripheral Neuropathy

Went to my heart Dr. Monday. I am on the road to healing. I keep avoiding surgery because my blood work is normal, oxygen levels are in the right range Dr. says just keep on doing what your doing and lose another 15 to 20 lbs. What I am doing is taking the Protocol. The Dr. Agreed with me that Lyrica was one of the reasons I gained weight in the first place. Glad I was able to wean off it. Besides healing PN the Protocol helps in other ways too. Just another benefit. #theprotocolworks

I truly believed when I went there Monday morn it would be to schedule surgery to repair my PFO/ASD that I have. Taking the supplements, (the Protocol) changing the diet and walking about 4 miles a day are working in my favor. Dr. Says keep strengthening that heart muscle. I never expected when I started taking the Protocol to fix my PN that there would be other benefits too, but I am grateful there are.

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